Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tanks Chicks & Zombies

 Holy month-since-last-update batman! Sorry for the mega-delay, but not really cause the reason behind it is that I got hit with a bunch of consulting work for Massive Black Shanghai (Brilliant Colors) through TAD which has been immensely awesome. Doing real work for a major company with a year of school still left to go, awesome. Needless to say since it's for actual projects it's all NDA and I won't be able to post any of it until the product is released (which will hopefully be in a few months, but I'm not sure) but whenever it is I'll have some sweet stuff to drop! In the meantime, here's the few schoolwork shenanigans I've managed to squeeze in between the facemelting deadlines.

 First up is some homework for our industrial design class, basically we have to design a vehicle that's made by humans but infused with alien technology. I've pretty much never drawn vehicles before this so I'm pretty lost in the dark, but I've become immensely fascinated with industrial design lately and really want to study up on it and get megabadass. If you want to bleed from your eyes due to awesome, check out this monster: [link]
Mine are just in the rough stages right now, but hopefully will be pretty cool when polished up!

Then this here is a character design for our sci-fi project, still very WIP and very broken, I'll probably just repaint it from scratch and do a little more planning and preparation. Some of the elements are working, but a lot of it is just wrong and doesn't make any sense so I'm gonna have to do a good bit of re-designing. I like where it's headed though (except the retro laser cannon that I got a lameness scolding for, lolz.)

Hooray for design!!
 And last but not least, another WIP! And you thought I'd have finished work to show, bha! This is for our figure painting class, essentially just to paint a clothed figure from ref that we shot, so I used a photo of one of the dudes down at the Austin pod in his awesome halloween zombie makeup. I'll probably wrap this one up over the next couple weeks, should be pretty sweet! The face needs some repainting though, it's a little too rendered, needs more big shapes to read well from a distance, I was zooming in too much. Sorry digital art gods! D:

Aaaaand that's it for now, hopefully it won't be another month before I have stuff to post! But if it is, know that I love you and will always think of you while I dance to various tango arrangements.