Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sketchdump, figures and robots

Been a while since a good ol' sketchdump and I just finished up my (rather crappy) second sketchbook! So it seems like an ample opportunity to dump le` sketches. Mostly a shenanigan of studies, cloth, figures, hands, thumbnails, a train, and some other funstuffs.
Then this here is a WIP painting for our figure painting class which I may or may not have time to finish (derp), but I like where it's going at least.

And lastly here's a painted-over 3d render of mah robot for Industrial Design class. Could probably still use some more detail, but I like how it's lookin', again may or may not have time to polish it further.

Been crazy busy with work lately, so updates may  be sparse, but I'm gonna try and get more in to studies so those should get tossed up decently often.

Have a good one!