Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm on a rampage

 Arts!!! Here's some more stuff that I've been working on, not as much as last post but I spent a lot of this week working on presentation stuff so there were less draws.
But anywho, this first one is the final piece for our honors assignment, which was to do an editorial illustration, the article was about a death row warden. Pretty gnarly stuff, this is my first finished oil illustration and I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out! Finally starting to figure out how to apply my digital color skills to oils, which is what bothered me so much about them before. Funtimes, looking forward to doing more!

Then here's another couple fashion designs for our pop culture assignment; I'll probably rework the last one a little bit cause it's not much design past what the romans had already done, but I like how the 3rd one came out. The first is probably still my favorite though, looking forward to painting these up.

And then this is just a sketchbook doodle that turned out pretty fun that I'd like to paint up if I ever get some free time (lol).

And lastly here's another surfacing assignment, we all had to work on our flesh balls (lol, the second). It was a lot of fun though, good study for sure, lots of subtlety to try and capture. Need moar practice!

Aaaand that's all folks!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fashion, figures, and foliage

 Shenanigans! Here's today's image dump; first up is some crazy fashion design for our pop culture class. I had a lot of fun with these and am gonna do a few more and take them to final illustrations. It's really interesting to apply all the stuff we learned about composition for images and try to apply it to a set of objects, I think overall they're pretty successful. So excited to paint 'em up!

Next is a quick master copy for figure painting class, just an exercise in value and edge control. My drawing is way off, but I think the painting part (which was the important part) came out pretty good, oils and I are finally starting to get along.

Then here's a pastel figure drawing from last Saturday's session, experimenting with design a bit, and I changed the position of 3 of her 4 limbs which was silly but I enjoyed it.

And then after doing the pastel drawing I went all crazy and start oil painting on top, it was fun and weird and make some cool marks, might be something I experiment more with. It has potential, by jove!

And lastly is a plein-air study I did last week, about an hour and a half total. It was a lot of fun, I'd never gone plein-air painting before (except that one bridge piece which was digital) and it was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect and everything seemed to just work, definitely something I want to get more in to, and it's a great exercise for observing color and light.

And that's all! I shall go now and rest, for I am weary with toil and much sorrow.