Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lady Sanguine + Warmup

Here's a personal piece I just finished to add to the ol' portfolio. I had the idea for the headdress and kind of built the rest of the character around it, pretty pleased with the outcome! I tried a new process of jumping straight in to color rather than doing value and adding color on top, which was a lot of fun, definitely gonna stick with that method for future pieces.

Then here is a gif showing the process of creating the piece, and a warmup character I did experimenting with a little bit more of a stylized direction, inspired by Torchlight 2 concepts.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aliens, portraits and a gypsy

My my, November already! Next thing you know it it'll be December and the world will end, just when I finally learned to tap-dance too! (I do not know how to tap dance)
Oh well, here's some artwork to look at instead. The first is a commission for a friend on dA, had a lot of fun with the slimy skin on that one! The second is a portrait I started for practice but it ended up getting a little more finished. I don't think I'm quite done with it yet, still have some things  to touch up and tweak, but it might be a while before I get to it.

Then these two are some photo studies; the left one is a friend of mine who made a super awesome costume that I just had to paint, and the portraits are studies of some famous people and a random lady from google, need to keep working on my portraiture. If you can guess them all you'll get a private tap-dance lesson! (You will not get a private tap-dance lesson)

And that's it for now, thanks for looking and happy Thanksgiving! :)