Friday, October 19, 2012

Ponies, Purification and Studies

Yikes, been a while since my last update! Alas, but here is some stuff regardless!
These first couple are some recent finished works; the cultist burning one for a client on dA and the merpony the result of a hilarious bet/dare/collab between me and another artist. She did the drawing and I painted it. Needless to say, my little pony + mermaid = win.

Then these here are just a couple studies, the first to try and practice more deliberate markmaking and lost edges, and the second to get a feel for drawing birds which I'll be using in a future piece.

And lastly here's a bundle of sketches, these are mostly studies from photos. I'm trying to better understand costuming and design and also improve my line quality; killing two birds with one stone! These are also a ton of fun to do, and don't take much time, so I think I'm gonna start making it a point to do these daily, cause I can already see them improving my work. Fun fun!

 And that's all for now, thanks for looking! More to come soon!