Friday, July 1, 2011

Cast Drawing - Finished!

After many long hours, days and nights, blood, sweat and charcoal snot, it is done!

I still need to send it in for final approval, but I'm gonna be heading out of town tomorrow so this is about all it's gonna get (that also means updates probably won't be daily next week).

Overall this was a ton of fun to do and I learned a lot about value structure and subtlety of modeling for realism. It was definitely a struggle, but I can safely say that I've done everything I know to do to make it as good as it can be, so I'm happy with it.

Ultimately it's just a really good exercise, if you want to boost your finishing skills, do one of these. Not only does it teach realism and the effects of light on form, but also the patience and discipline that's oh so important to being able to create the most impactful imagery you possibly can. It's not done until it's as good as it can be; good can be various levels of polish and could be 2 or hours or 200 hours, but it's not done until it's done and that's how everything should be.

Final tally: 80-90 hours, about 2.5 sticks of Nitram charcoal consumed, approximately 15.34 miles walked between station point and drawing, 2 sore feet, 10% increased left arm strength as a substitute mahl stick, and many tracks of film scores and dubstep listened to.

Cast drawing, I wipe my hands of thee!


  1. That's absolutely amazing man, I'm very impressed. It's something to be proud of for sure

  2. I bow before your indescribable skills and your Patience

  3. Haha, thanks very much! I appreciate it! :D