Saturday, February 19, 2011

Updating daily!

Last post in June, eh? Well that's no good! It's time to get these socks-a-rockin, so starting today this blog and my CA sketchbook will be updated daily! I'll be posting finished work, WIP, sketches, and studies from TAD. I also want to include content other than my own art, so every now and then there will be mini-tutorials, tips, inspiration from artists who actually know what they're doing, and whatever else manages to find its way in here!

SO, between the last update and now I went through my first semester at TAD. It was quite possibly the best thing ever, so much good info was thrown at us about every art-related topic you could imagine, everyone improved exponentially in just 6 months. We've now begun our second semester and things are looking just as good and better. I'll be posting a lot of my studies here, and talk about some of the things I'm learning as well.

But enough yammering, here's some of the highlights of the work I did for TAD and a few personal works, click any of the images to view them larger.
Hope ya dig, enjoy your weekend, and seeya tomorrow!

Above, TAD poster assignment for Composition 1 class.

Oil pick-out painting for Head Painting class.

Abstract composition studies from masters for Composition 2.

Ideal studio drawing for Linear Perspective.

Cast drawing for Light & Form.

Prud'hon master copy for Light & Form.

Figure drawings for Figure 1.

Franklin Booth master copy for Media 1.

Nicolai Fechin master copy for Media 1.

Still life study, personal work.

Born of Passion, personal work.

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