Friday, May 27, 2011

Cast Drawing - Finishing Pt. 2

Here's some more work on good ol' mr. cast, the result of today's Castravaganza! Did you know that if your station point is 5 feet away from your setup and you walk between the two an average of 3 times per minute, throughout an 8 hour day of cast drawing you'll have walked 2.7 miles? Well, I certainly got in my exercise for the day.

But anyways, this is more polishing and finishing, starting to work my way downwards. The ribcage and stomach areas have been worked on mostly, as well as making the forms in the pecs more subtle. Now all that's left is to render the legs and booty, the stand, clean up all the tone and this baby's done! Only 20 or so more hours to go, yay! Looking forward to seeing this guy completed.

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