Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cast Drawing - Value Placement

The latest update on mr. cast drawing! This step was about establishing the major value shapes to be sure everything is in the right spot before moving on to the finishing. We had to simplify the image down to 5 basic values and get it looking as close to reality as possible, which proved to be quite challenging due to such subtle changes as well as the limitations with charcoal.

The next step will be the last, and longest, leg of the race: finishing. Getting in to the nitty gritty and making every gradation, transition, value, and piece of tone as smooth and perfect and close to reality as is humanly possible, at which point it shall be called done! So far it's about a 30 hour drawing, and it'll probably need another 30-40 to get to the highest level of finish, and I've got five and a half weeks left to finish it. Better get crackin!

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