Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Master Copy - Assael

Here's a quick-ish oil painting done today, which is a refined-ish color study of a piece by Steven Assael. The original piece was brought up in our head painting class last week and it absolutely blew my mind, the concept behind it is white light theory, which is that white light has a full spectrum of color in it that will play across surfaces and create a ton of color variation.

So though my piece is nowhere near as good as his, this is really exciting to me cause the lack of the white light theory is what made me dislike traditional work pre-school, cause everything I saw was just dull and local colored, it lacked the light and life I saw in digital stuff. It's really exciting to find that digital stuff is all rooted in traditional work that's been around forever, and it can be achieved without any color dodging.

Woohoo! Oil is teh bomb!

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