Friday, April 8, 2011

Cast Drawing - Flat Tone

More progress on ze cast droaring. This step was to lay down a flat value in all the shadow shapes and get it as smooth and consistent as possible. This kicks off the rendering portion of the process, and it makes the shapes clearer so it's easier to see inaccuracies and fix them.

Despite being a bit tedious, this step is always fun and pretty relaxing. You've gotta go in with a super sharp piece of charcoal and fill in as much paper texture as you can, picking off the dark spots that end up on the "mountains" of the paper with your eraser. It's a lot of slow noodling, but it's easy and looks great when you get through with it. Next up will be to add 4 more value steps, blocking in all the major changes in value, then from then on out it will be refining transitions until it looks like reality.

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