Friday, April 29, 2011

Figure Turnarounds - Now with muscles!

Here's a study done for figure class, continuing on the turnaround trend but now trying to put muscles on them as well. It's pretty tough, but we're gonna start working on studying muscles in class so these should improve pretty quick, I need to go over all the origins and insertions again.

As far as this particular one is concerned I'm pretty happy with it for a first attempt, I botched up the arms and lost the swoosh of his pose, but I think some of the bigger masses are working well. As always, practice practice!

Thanks to watchstock on dA for the reference!


  1. nice drawing man, for me drawing muscles gets a thousand times easier once it clicks how they wrap in to each other and around, and once you learn what they do, its get much clearer how they flex and move and all that. But anyway, I love anatomy drawings so this is class

  2. Thanks very much! And I totally agree, Bridgman is great to study for that, how the muscles wedge together and such.