Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dreamtellers Watercolor

Here's some progress on my Dreamtellers piece, our final project for Composition 2. I decided to have a gander at a new technique with this one, starting in watercolor and using that as far as it'll take me and then finishing it off digitally. Our teacher comments a lot on how sterile digital markmaking can be, and ultimately I agree, so though this isn't much of a watercolor painting it should provide some nice color and texture for the final image! I plan to work with multiply and screen layers to get the values and colors where I want them, and ideally there will be no opaque painting so it'll stay looking pretty traditional. Should be fun!

I had a blast messing around with the watercolors too, this was my first real attempt at making a painting with them, and I love some the effects they produce. Definitely gonna keep practicing with them and see if I can gain some Sargent / Homer / Dulac powers.

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