Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EoW 167 - Re-do Pt. 1

I decided to ditch the sketch I had for the water EoW cause the composition wasn't really floating my boat, so I switched to earth instead and started this up today, feeling much happier with it so far. It's still quite WIP, there's a lot of messy shapes and brush strokes and unrefined elements that'll need to be cleaned up, and it might need some kind of iconic element besides the tree bridge to push the idea, but we'll see.

I feel like I'm making some good discoveries for markmaking on this one too; my composition teacher was scolding me all semester for my mushy digital painting, and I think I'm finally starting to understand what he meant and crispen things up, as well as group and mass values. So I think this is gonna be a fun breakthrough piece when it's done.


  1. Hey Jon! I love where you're going with this. It reminds me of a Rackham without the lines, all the reds and purples really make that green pop! I hope you don't mind me metaphor-ing it up a bit, I think the roots above the green would look really cool if they looked like spidery fingers. :)

  2. Thanks a bunch, Ally, it means a lot! :D
    And totally, that's a great one. I was kind of thinking snake coils; just posted up the final and made 'em more gnarly.