Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scupltris - Male Torso

Edit- Added a rendered shot of the back view.

Here's some more experimenting with Sculptris. I spent the whole afternoon putzing around with it and having a blast, and this is the result. I was gonna do a copy of the Belvedere torso, but decided it'd be more fun and less tedious to just make one from imagination, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

It's a lot of fun to mold and sculpt everything out, Sculptris is really intuitive. I think it definitely helped solidify some anatomy troubles I was having too, it's quite easy to figure out how all the forms are wedging together when you can navigate them in 3D space and don't have to worry about a bunch of overlapping lines. Definitely gonna try and do things like this every now and then.

After I was through sculpting it (which took about 6 hours), I brought it in to Kerkythea for final rendering, which I think I'm starting to figure out. I had a few mishaps and had to re-position my light due to me not paying attention to what objects I was moving halfway across the world, but I think the final render turned out pretty lifelike, so that was fun to experiment with.

And oddly, I think anatomically this is one of the most accurate things I've ever done from imagination, which has gotten me to thinking that I've got enough knowledge to draw figures from my head, but have gotten stuck in muscle memory formulas that I need to get out of, hopefully all these Bridgman studies will help with that.

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