Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty and Nightmares

No update yesterday because of 20 hour work day woohoo. To make up for it, two paintings today!

Here's a collaboration between Carl Knox and I for the Beauty and Nightmares competition over on CA, and it conveniently doubled as an assignment for Painting class. The assignment was basically to do a Diptych (Two separate paintings that go together) with the theme of Beauty and Nightmares.

It was quite the long haul, this things probably gotten 40 hours of work poured in to it, if not more. It was quite the challenge to plan and collaborate two pieces and get the design working separately and as a whole, all while trying to maintain a consistent style between both images. Learned a ton in the process though, and that's the main thing.

Hope ya dig it! And before anyone asks, no this was not inspired by PotC, we started this two months ago so curse them for making this idea mainstream before the contest deadline, haha.

Have a good one!

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