Friday, March 4, 2011

Anatomy Studyin'

Here's some anatomy sketches from Figure 2. We've been focusing on skull, ribcage, and pelvis and are now starting to branch out with scapulas, clavicles, and great trochanters of the femur. Lovin' all this form analysis, it's gonna be so helpful later on. If there's one secret to drawing the figure from imagination, it's simplifying it to easily imagined forms.

And speaking of figure drawing, the Repin Academy has a figure drawing book that details their process: [Link]
I haven't read it myself yet, but one of my TADmates Dorian is currently studying with them and I've heard good things about it! The price translates to about $15 USD; it's hard to go wrong with something like that.

Have a good weekend, yo!

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