Monday, March 28, 2011

Composition Studies - Reverse Engineering

Here's today's nonsense, a new variety of composition study! Reverse engineering, which is taking a well composed piece, reducing it to just abstract shapes, and then finding your own subject matter out of the abstraction. It's great practice cause it trains you to go from abstract thumbnails to final work, which is essential to composing.

I took it to the extreme as far as abstraction goes on this one, me and my homedog Carl set up a deal where he abstracted 10 pieces and sent them to me, and I abstracted 10 and sent them to him, so I had no idea what this piece originally was when I was working on it, haha. Was quite surprised to find that my weird surreal doorway to oblivion was in reality a classy man in a business suit. More of these are definitely on the way, haha.

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