Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ideal Figures Pt. 1

Here's the beginning of a big project in figure drawing. We're just now finishing up with the skeleton and will be moving on to muscles on Thursday.

The project will be to create our ideal figures; one with proportions and body types we think are typical and credible, and two exaggerated to an extreme. In the end we'll have front, side, and back views of fully fleshed characters, as well as some poses of them in action trying to understand their weight and balance.

This set is my first pass at the typical figures, and needs some adjustments in the proportions to get it more accurate. I'm thinking my exaggerated extremes might be a short, stumpy couple and an uber muscular couple. Should be lots of fun!
It'll span over quite a while too, so expect updates every now and then for a while.

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