Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oil Portrait - Zorn Palette

Here's my latest shindig with oil. We are breaking in to.... COLOR!@i&%!*@U#*EasGsj

It is hard. 8|

Yeah, this is my second attempt at this piece. The first one turned out totally abysmally so I emailed our glorious instructor and he had a good lol and explained the many areas uponst which I could improve, and this is my second go after that, haha. It's still pretty meh as far as the colors are concerned, but it's better than the first one and I think I'm starting to get comfortable with handling the brushes and the paint. I also added linseed oil in to the equation, which makes the paint really juicy and delicious and makes me feel like a for reals alla prima painter.

This was really fun though and it's a great way to approach color theory, he's beginning us with a Zorn palette, which is simply white, yellow, red, and black. Through those colors, a whole relative spectrum can be mixed; white and black gives a gray which appears to be a relative blue, gray and red makes violet, gray and yellow makes green, red and yellow makes orange, so there you've got your red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet! It's an easy introduction to adding color and temperature to the things we've been learning about value and handling the paint, so though it's quite confusing and will take lots of practice I'm totally excited to see where this all goes.

Hooray for oils!

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