Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still Life Pt. 3

Here's the progress on that still life so far. Just lots of rendering and refining; it's not quite done, all the major elements are in place, but I've been working on it all day so I'm gonna wait until tomorrow and come back with fresh eyes and fix whatever needs fixed, then call it done. I think it's turning out pretty well though, lots of improvement over my last still life with the apples and stuff, starting to see much more subtle things going on with the colors and surfaces.

In this first image I refined the cloth and emphasized the form of the book.

More rendering, cleaning up the conch shell, foreground flowers, and the glass vase. Subtle color variation is very important here, it would be easy to just make the conch shell orange and make the flowers red, if this is going to be a realistic final product there needs to be a range of color, warms and cools, in each object.

And in this version I cleaned up the flowers in the vase, added some text to the book, and refined the wooden stand a bit.

There's still some things that'll need to be cleaned up, which will come tomorrow!

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