Saturday, March 5, 2011

Composition Studies - Leighton

The only downside to posting every day is I don't always have something hugely interesting to post, but nevertheless here's a composition study I did today of a piece by Edmund Blair Leighton. I'm trying to do one of these every day, and have been sorta failing at that but am getting better. I'm gonna make a list of art push-ups to do every day and try to reserve an hour or so for them.

As for all the written jargon on the right, it's really just an analysis for my purposes. In Composition 2 we're learning to abstract artwork and use just the light & dark shapes to create the right feeling for the piece. One really helpful technique we've learned is metaphor, it's kinda tough to decide how to draw a bunch of soldiers, but if you can decide you want those soldiers to feel like shattered glass you have a much clearer idea as to the shapes and arrangement that can be used to get your point across. Sounds kinda crazy first, but it's actually tremendously helpful for composing. And don't worry, it's not pretentious art school crap, this is nothing more than a tool to help the artist compose, it's not some secret hidden message that the audience is supposed to extract.

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