Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Druid Orthograph Final

After a few extra rounds of feedback and adjustments, here's my final Druid orthograph. It was definitely a good challenge, this is the first actual ortho I've ever done and I learned a ton of stuff from it.

It's sort of the cast drawing of the entertainment industry, every little thing must be considered and accurately drawn. I pity one of my classmates who chose an alien creature with porcupine-like spines on his back who was told that, yes, he did have to work out the perspective and make the spines identical in all his views, haha. But it's good practice and good discipline, really forces you to slow down, think, and do a good job, cause if you half-ass it early on then the mistakes just snowball and it becomes impossibly hard to fix.

All in all though it was fun, looking forward to getting in to some more painterly look and feel concept work. I know I need my veggies first, but dessert is just so sweet.

Have a good one!

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