Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oil Portrait & Figure Drawings

Here's the results of today's 15 hour school day, woohoo! The first is an addition to the oil portrait from yesterday, I painted another one since the assignment isn't due till Tuesday, and I'll probably go back in and touch both of them up a little more. I was trying to get some really smooth, academic modeling going on on the bearded guy, but didn't quite get there, I think it's a matter of value mixing and brush control, but I'll keep practicing and find out.

And then after that are some figure drawings, which were so fun and nice to do. About 6 months ago I switched from smooth to rough newsprint for figure drawing cause that's all our local art store had at the time, and I quickly discovered that rough newsprint is the crappiest thing in the universe to draw on and I eventually just started doing figure drawing in my sketchbook. But a couple days ago I went to the art store and they actually had some smooth, so I stocked up 3 50 sheet pads of it and it's made my day and life notably awesomer, conte` on smooth newsprint is like heaven in the form of waxy papery magic, so that was fun. I think my best drawing of the night was the very bottom middle one, or the second row left where he's doing the whole goring-a-recently-felled-boar-with-a-spear pose. Figure drawing is so much fun!

Have a good one! :)

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