Friday, August 12, 2011

Druid orthograph Pt. 2

Not too much to show today, but here's an update on that Druid orthograph, with a more refined front view and a back view. I've still got to do the side view and then tweak all three for perspective and accuracy, which should be quite the task but I really want to do as good a job of it as I can. My goal for this assignment is to turn this in and get it approved first round; like I mentioned a couple days ago after finishing foundations I feel like it's time to take a no-excuses attitude toward everything, so I'm gonna spend as much time as I need working out perspective, lining things up, and making all 3 views totally identical from different perspectives. I feel like I've got the know-how at this point, just need to put in the time, so if all goes well next Wednesday will show a professional quality ortho that could be sent off to a modeler. Here's hoping!

Also, vaguely related, classes for the entertainment 2D are totally awesome, I'm super excited for some of the assignments we're gonna be doing. I won't be able to post all of it, but I'll try to show some interesting stuff! It's dream-chasing time, aww yeah.

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