Saturday, August 27, 2011

Figure Drawing - 8-28-11

Here's some figure droarings from today's session. Good times as always, same as usual, made some improvements, getting better, long ways to go, hardy boogha blah.

Except for the rendered ones up top, I tried I really push my constructive approach. I'd been working constructively before by building in 3D forms rather than just shape, but I was abstracting the forms in front of me more than understand them, so with this one I tried to really work from the ground up and work out the ribcage, pelvis, scapulae, etc. etc. and add muscles on top that matched the form of the model. It was a challenge, but I think it gave me a chance to apply a lot of stuff that'll help my imagined work, which is my ultimate goal. I think the torso-leaning-on-staff one in the lower-ish right is my favorite of the bunch.

Practice practice, doin mah art pushups!

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