Sunday, August 21, 2011

Figure Painting - 8-21-11

Here's some funtimes from today, my first full-figure assignment in Figure Painting class with the mighty Jon Foster. This was a ton of fun to do and I think I made some pretty epic breakthrough as far as understanding and mixing color go, as well as how to handle oils.

One of the biggest breakthroughs came from re-watching Scott Waddell's webisode about painting an eye (Do check it out, it's worth a watch: [Link]).

I'd been having trouble mixing skintones cause there's just so much variation in skin that I didn't know what or how to mix, but he mentioned that it helps to start by finding the lightmost facing plane on the surface and use that to identify the local value, local hue, and local chroma (how light and dark, what color, and how intense the color is). So I gave that a try and it realllllyyy simplified everything down; instead of trying to mix an array of skin tones I was able to just start with the base and make all other mixtures relative to that, just saying darker, lighter, redder, greener, etc. I think it's some of my best color in oil so far. Now the next step is to get away from copying the photo's color as much and exaggerating it to better give the feeling of light.

I was also, again, trying to get some nice soft academic form modeling going on, and I think I got closer than last time with the bearded dude painting, but it's not quite there. I used a fan brush and a ragged round brush to ponce (tap) the canvas and then gently brush to soften edges, and it works but it's not as clean a final product as I'd like it to be, I think I still need to work on a light touch to really get nice blending going on.

But overall I'm quite happy with how this turned out, super excited to do more! Took about 4-5 hours, oil on 16"x20" canvas board, mostly a 1 inch flat sable, zorn palette.

Have a good one!

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