Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dead Dudes and Figures

Aight, here's some more stuff. It is with somewhat sorrowful but also not really and kinda excited feelings that I've decided to relinquish my 'updating daily' title. It's obviously been untrue for a little while now and with half of our classes being mostly unpostable work for now I just dunno if I can keep it up. So I'll probably switch to updating once or twice a week with two or three higher quality images. I think ultimately it'll be a good switch, you'll get higher quality work in larger chunks, I'll get to stop freaking out over not having to update and losing sleep feeling obligated to update before bed. :D

SO with that out of the way, here's some frikkin art.

This one's an ink drawing I did of a grim reaper type dude, which ended up being pretty interesting. We had an art show at the ATX Pod last Friday with the Vigil studios and students were allowed to put one piece in the show, I was swamped with homework and didn't plan to put anything in but on that Thursday I got some free time, so I started thumbnailing this guy at 11 in the morning, spent an hour and a half buying bristol and a frame at like noon, and then worked on it until like 12 literally while we were tearing down the studio for the show, haha. And rather spiffily it actually sold the next day, first showpiece evar! Aww yeah.

And this second one is just a 3hr figure drawing done during Saturday's session. Just messin with pastels and having fun, not much to it. :D

Peace out yo!


  1. Your pastel figure studies are amazing, you get great volume in them

  2. gratz on the show piece sale