Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Figure Drawing - 9-13-11

Here's some of the better drawings from tonight's figure session; it's been a while since we've done gestures instead of long poses, was quite fun!

On the upper ones, I was trying to do my best to identify and distribute the weight of the figure naturally, which is what all the vertical lines and ellipse ripple things are; I was looking at the model and trying to find both the center of gravity and which parts of the body were bearing most of the weight. I think that's gonna be something I try and keep practicing in gesture drawings, cause as always my ultimate goal is to draw mostly from imagination and I think the posing is one of my weaker areas; just articulating anatomy and muscles is getting pretty easy, ultimately it's just match and figuring out where things are and how best to define them, but putting together a figure that feels solid and alive is another challenge entirely.

funtime figure droaring!

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