Sunday, September 4, 2011

Figure Drawing - 9-4-11

Sorry for the lack of updating yesterday; had a pretty much non-stop day with crits, figure drawing and D&D, and by the time I got home it was like 3am and I had to get up at 7 so the blog was shuffled to the side, haha. But it was a good day, and I got this drawing done which I'm quite happy with!

It was a bit of a media experiment, I tried using white charcoal on toned paper for the first time, as well as some pretty swag charcoal pencils (that I broke like 3 times sharpening). It was quite a fun way to work; generally I prefer to go from midtones out, and the charcoal is easy to blend on this particular paper, so this might become my technique of choice for 3 hour poses... at least for a while, haha.

Gotta keep pushing my faces, hands and feet, but I think some other areas like the forearm and forward-most knee are working pretty well. Funtimes!