Friday, September 16, 2011

Figure Drawing - 9-15-11

Yet again spent all yesterday working on unpostable stuff, so no goodies to show, but here's some funtimes from our figure session today! The whole session was devoted to drapery studies which was a ton of freaking fun, it's probably the first time I've really carefully and observantly drawn drapery, which I should definitely get in to more often cause it's an area I'm lacking for sure.

I also need to check out the clothes section in Drawing People by Barbara Bradley; I randomly bought it a long time before TAD and one of my teachers says it has the best info on drawing clothes that you'll find in any one book, so I'mma investigate that and maybe do a few cloth studies on my own.

It definitely seems like it's something that wouldn't be that complicated to figure out once you understand the basic structure of it; I can already tell where things are pinching and creating force and how they radiate out and roll over form, I just need to learn more specifically when and why it happens and how to tell what kind of folds it would make. Cloth is probably one of my favorite things to look at when it's done really well, even more so if it's in motion which I unfortunately can't do, but it's still freakin cool. Definitely gonna be worth studying.

Have a good'un! Keep droarin!

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